Monthly Archives: July 2011


Read2Me has been on the Android Market for a little over a year now.  I am posting this here as this will be its new home along with new works such as CyberTechnic.

Read2Me (which up until recently has been all of FireHawkSoftware) originally lived on blogspot.

If you don’t know what Read2Me is, its a small (only ~44KB according to the market) app for reading text files, web pages, and more recently epub books using androids built in text to speech capabilities (and it only requires android 1.6, which pretty much includes nearly all devices).  The coolest thing is you can share links from your android browser right into Read2Me, something I love doing, especially from wikipedia (see screenshot below).  It even has some limited url navigation.

It started out as a simple utility project intended for personal use.  After using it myself I decided to clean it up a bit and publish it on the android market.  It hasn’t garnered a huge number of sales but that was expected as it is a niche app and fairly low on features.

Overall I call it a success :-)