Monthly Archives: September 2011

A new first level

Its not complete yet but I started working on a new first level.  When you run through the transparent yellow/black zones a tool tip shows up with some tutorial/guide information which you are welcome to ignore if you know what you are doing already.  I also added some goo blobs to collect (little semi-transparent green cubes).  You have to collect them all before you go through the door and up the ramp to the unfinished section on the right.

You can hit escape to bring up level selection menu, currently only two choices and they are unlocked, but you can get an idea where I am going with this, and hopefully I can too as the game design itself is unfolding day by day.

Goo Ball Madness get some visuals

While not beautiful the new models and textures are a bit easier on the eyes. There’s still not much in the way of interaction yet, just some blocks to knock around and use to fill a gap for a simple bridge (you’ll probably need to use shift and get a running start to push the blocks). I’ll probably add some usual mechanics soon, pressure switches that require a block on them (or removed from them). I intend to add some more creative mechanics once I work out exactly what I want to do.

Also I added a page for Goo Ball Madness, currently it has the online version on it (scroll up you’ll see it). I do plan to make the full game available as windows and mac stand alone at some point, but for now at least they are a lot larger than the web version.

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