Monthly Archives: April 2012

Goo Ball Madness Finished!

Update 6 is finished and available marking the completion of Goo Ball Madness. The last levels aren’t as big as some of the previous levels, but there are still some new things in store, so enjoy!

Downloads (update 6, includes levels 1-20):

Making Goo Ball Madness has been quite an experience. I look back at old posts and play levels that were created months ago and realize just how much work actually went into this. I didn’t track my hours but I would estimate around 1000 hours. Each texture, mesh, song, as well as all of the behavior code that makes the game experience had to be created.

The textures and meshes were the most difficult and time consuming when looking at end result over time. Spending hours manipulating vertices and unwrapping texture coordinates, playing with texture gen parameters just to create one single object that felt “interesting” to interact with. 90% of that time was spent in Blender and the other 10% was spent trying it out. There was quite a few meshes that got to shed, they just didn’t work.

Creating the music was the next most difficult process. FL Studio made it a lot easier (or should I say made it possible?) My hat goes off to the artist out there who create synth music in all its various forms, trying to get a specific sound is extremely difficult. Overall my process was more organic, starting with something that sounded neat, adding some stuff to it, changing it, creating versions, sometimes throwing out the original entirely.

The easiest thing mechanics wise was making the levels themselves. While it took a lot of trial as well as a lot of play testing, the iterative process of building a level from beginning to end is very fluid. Thanks to Unity for making that possible.

Thanks to everyone who played and provided feedback.

Android app Read2Me Update version 1.0.7

My android app Read2Me has been on the market for well over a year now. Originally just a weekend project that I decided to put on the market it has had roughly 500 sales, and the demo has been downloaded about the same. It has been a while since it received an update, so when one of my customers contacted me I decided it was about time it got some attention.

The changes are mostly just preferences, you can now configure how text gets broken up into pieces. Along those lines there were some performance enhancements to make it perform well over some less than optimal configs. You can turn of links, change font size, and even put the navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen if you prefer. I know, not much but I have been busy.

Soon I should be able to get back to work on Goo Ball Madness, only four more levels!