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My first Ludum Dare entry Submission

Play it right here

FireHIIT Released

Today I am proud to announce the launch of androids new workout timer FireHIIT. Designed to be equally easy to use for simple workouts as it is for completely custom workouts.

Useful for cycling, running, lifting, tabata, little, or even holding your breath.

-Quickly create custom workouts
-Share workouts via text, email, and other android apps
-Multiple displays that fit both portrait and landscape that can be changed mid workout
-Configurable alarms and vibrate
-Backup and Restore workouts and profiles with Dropbox integration

FireHIIT is a Freemium app. It contains modest ads and has a limit of 1 profile and 3 stored workouts. Workouts are limited to 10 full intervals (prep/warmup/work/cooldown/rest is one interval). All other features are fully functional. This should be sufficient for most users. However if you demand more from FireHIIT, would simply like to remove the ads, or just want to show that you enjoy the work that I put into FireHIIT, an in app purchase is available from the Unlock button on the home screen of FireHIIT. This is a one time purchase and is attached to your google account. So if you re-install, switch devices or even use multiple devices FireHIIT will be unlocked on all of them.

Download FireHIIT on Google Play