Monthly Archives: October 2012

Bleeps Run Progress Update 2

Last night work started on level 9.  Things are starting to move along nicely now that a a good percent of the assets have been created.  Still haven’t settled on the target number of levels.  At least 36 I think, but possibly 3 times that.  I might go with 36 in the game, make it completely free, no ads, nothing and sell a sequel with more levels.  Haven’t decided yet.  Let me know if you have any thoughts or opinions, here or on twitter.

Bleeps Run Progress Update 1

Bleeps Run is in dev.  6 prototype levels have been created so far and I’ve been busy experimenting with new mechanics and some music.  I got a couple friends to test it on the new Nexus 7 and some 7″ Samsung tablet.. Probably going to end up getting an iPad to test on before the iOS release.  (Web will probably be first, followed by Android, but iOS won’t be far behind, builds for all 3 are tested periodically.)

If you would like to see more updates follow me on Twitter.  Tentatively playable on the web in 2 weeks or so.  So unless you are one of my friends you’ll have to wait.  If you are my friend and haven’t played it yet, shoot me an email, I can only share web and android builds though.