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Christmas Warehouse available for iOS

Just today Apple finished approving Christmas Warehouse. Its mostly the same game as you can play here on the site or on Kongregate, it is modified slightly to work better with a small touchscreen, and I must say it is quite fun. Its completely free, no ads, nothing to purchase. I just wanted to get it out before christmas. This has only been a side project, 95% of my work is still going into Goo Ball Madness.

Check it out

Christmas Warehouse

Iso Ball

This is a game I spun off from some concepts I came up with during development of Goo Ball Madness.

Maneuver your iso ball to the end of the course, the catch is, you lay the course as you go.

As you move your the iso ball, tiles will be layer around you but they will quickly fall away so keep moving. Collect power ups so you don’t run out of tiles. Some power ups change your color (and the tiles). You can only get a speed boost from a block matching your color.

Submit your best time at the end of each level.

Play it at kongregate Iso Ball