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Android app Read2Me Update version 1.0.7

My android app Read2Me has been on the market for well over a year now. Originally just a weekend project that I decided to put on the market it has had roughly 500 sales, and the demo has been downloaded about the same. It has been a while since it received an update, so when one of my customers contacted me I decided it was about time it got some attention.

The changes are mostly just preferences, you can now configure how text gets broken up into pieces. Along those lines there were some performance enhancements to make it perform well over some less than optimal configs. You can turn of links, change font size, and even put the navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen if you prefer. I know, not much but I have been busy.

Soon I should be able to get back to work on Goo Ball Madness, only four more levels!

Christmas Warehouse available for iOS

Just today Apple finished approving Christmas Warehouse. Its mostly the same game as you can play here on the site or on Kongregate, it is modified slightly to work better with a small touchscreen, and I must say it is quite fun. Its completely free, no ads, nothing to purchase. I just wanted to get it out before christmas. This has only been a side project, 95% of my work is still going into Goo Ball Madness.

Check it out

Christmas Warehouse