Free Games

Here you will find short and unfinished games.

Bleeps Run

Bleeps Run is a single input runner/platformer in development Android and IOS, but also for Web.

Christmas Caper

In Christmas Caper you play the villain. Santa lost some presents and candy canes from his sleigh, get as many of them as you can! Left/Right arrows to me, Forward to move faster, Space bar to jump (you can double jump, yes it is all the rage these days).

(This game was created and was just submitted for Ludum Dare 25)


GeomeTree is a game about not so natural selection. GeomeTree’s are evolving, and it is up to you to pick which should survive. The loses are removed and two new trees are grown based on the survivors genetics. A genetic algorithm mutates the growth genes of the surviving tree to form two new similar trees. Be careful, mutations can often be worse than the original, it may be necessary to keep the same tree several times in a row before finding a better tree.

Iso Ball

A small game consisting of just a few levels.  Developed most as a prototype to explore other possible ideas using some of the code from Goo Ball Madness.  The concept is to roll the ball forward until you reach the end.  Collecting the bright shiny sparkly things increases the number of tiles you have at your disposal.  The tiles are automatically placed in the air as you move, but they only last for a few seconds before they fall.  There are also some jumps and multiple paths you can follow in some levels.


Timmy the Turtle

Get Timmy the end (where his love is waiting for him) without being eaten, clams can be collected and dropped on the sharks to slow them down. This was a quick game written in under a week with everything made from scratch (Music, Models, Animation).  It was created for a small unofficial indie game competition on   It won by virtue of no other entries being finished.  As far as I could tell it was the only 3d game being developed (though the gameplay itself is 2d).

Timmy the Turtle

Christmas Warehouse

Santa’s has only three minutes until his next departure, make sure all the good little boys and girls get the presents they deserve by pushing them into the right tubes.  Believe it or not, this game was actually created in only one day.  I wanted to do something for the holiday season.  One evening I started brainstorming simple ideas, the next morning it was being developed and by that evening it was posted here.  More interestingly, a few short weeks later I decided to try out Unity for IOS, 2 days after licensing and signing up with apple it was ready to submit to the app market (for free).

Christmas Warehouse on iTunes

Christmas Warehouse